63– Flat Hunting (part 25)

The portal gloops and wobbles as we walk towards it. I feel good. Not about my murderous face-mites, obviously, but we did the right thing by coming here to save them. Plus, my words have influenced them before, when I wasn’t even trying, so you never know, maybe they’ll be less evil in a generationContinue reading “63– Flat Hunting (part 25)”

55– Flat Hunting (part 17)

On closer inspection, Flat found its people weren’t actually vanishing. Their bodies were still there, they were just… empty. Curious, Flat compared a still-lively specimen with one of the emptied ones. There was a faint energy present, an energy which Flat had previously noticed but always dismissed as a pointless by-product of life. It wasContinue reading “55– Flat Hunting (part 17)”

53– Flat Hunting (part 15)

Frozen above us, the bone giant looks like it could drop through the portal at any second. Daisy stands directly underneath it, looking up with her hands on her hips. “No, that won’t do,” she says and starts muttering to herself while gesturing like she’s spelling words in the air. Inch by inch, the holeContinue reading “53– Flat Hunting (part 15)”

46– Flat Hunting (part 8)

Why am I running again? I tell you, my brain, my brain… my brain… something or other. I dunno, every now and again it just presses its own reset button. Stupid, Lethe-washed jelly. Right, focus, come on, Daisy-gal. Why am I running? I don’t seem to be chasing any dickheads, my normal motivation for thisContinue reading “46– Flat Hunting (part 8)”

39 – Flat Hunting

Briefly, in the late 1800s, Bay View Mansions were the most celebrated real estate in the silver and arsenic mining town of Pontyray. If tourists of that era thought naming somewhere in a landlocked valleys town “Bay View” was a bit cheeky they were either too Victorian to mention it or had been there whenContinue reading “39 – Flat Hunting”

38 – Bad Influence (part 8)

“Hello, Shoo,” Daisy smiled at the girl. “Who are you?” the girl said, suspiciously. “How do you know my name?” “You smell like a Shoo,” Daisy said. “Smell?” the girl sniffed herself and grimaced. “Woof! You’re right! I don’t normally smell like this bad, I swear. Five minutes ago, I was being chased by aContinue reading “38 – Bad Influence (part 8)”

Running Shoo – Episode 25

Old Looma, the tapering pillar of rock around which the city of Mimmereremere is built, is roughly two and a half miles in diameter. Back home in Footfall, The Foot, the floating mountain under which my city resides is approximately the same size. These identical measurements are further evidence for those who believe that ourContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 25”

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