49– Flat Hunting (part 11)

About half a lifetime ago, a large, eight limbed, semi-aquatic friend of mine taught me a word. He described it as a “spoiled word”, whatever that means, and it was supposed to be my last line of defence. It was supposed to wither whatever it was uttered at. Unfortunately, I am terrible at it. ItContinue reading “49– Flat Hunting (part 11)”

48– Flat Hunting (part 10)

For multiple generations now, Flat’s people had been sending astronauts into ‘space.’ It was ever so proud of them. The brave souls venturing into the unknown out past the girl’s face would almost certainly never be seen again. At about a centimetre away from the warmth of her flesh, the time-dilation effects that Flat wasContinue reading “48– Flat Hunting (part 10)”

47– Flat Hunting (part 9)

This orange light sits heavy on the streets, it’s like everything is buried in amber. I prefer normal, old-fashioned purple argon streetlights like we have back in Footfall. Gosh, I miss them. I never imagined I’d miss those streets, but I’d take them over these ones in a heartbeat. If this were Footfall I wouldContinue reading “47– Flat Hunting (part 9)”

45– Flat Hunting (part 7)

My pretty boots fit now. That’s a positive, right? Got to focus on the positives. Always look for the positives in a situation, especially when you and a scary, semi-sane witch are about to be ripped apart by a fifteen-foot giant made of bone and nightmares in the strange cursed backstreets of a town you’veContinue reading “45– Flat Hunting (part 7)”

44– Flat Hunting (part 6)

The Mansions couldn’t clearly remember what had come before. Foggily, it felt this lapse in memory had occurred in the past too, long ago, perhaps many times, but it was struggling to think. It couldn’t even call itself The Mansions any more, not really; it was no longer grand enough. For a while it thoughtContinue reading “44– Flat Hunting (part 6)”

43– Flat Hunting (part 5)

In 1677, a hybrid demon-pwca-human child was born in Pontyray. Neither of the child’s parents were aware that they carried strange blood. They had met on the village green during a traditional burning at the stake of a visiting witch-finder and bonded immediately. By the following Spring, they were married and by the Winter theyContinue reading “43– Flat Hunting (part 5)”

41– Flat Hunting (part 3)

Well, this is dull. I do not like dull, me. Don’t do dull, I don’t.

Streets streets streets, nothing but streets. I’d rather be tinkering in me garage, fixing something, a lovely chilled bottle of strawberry cider on the go. That’ll do me nice. But no. No. Road, streets, pavements and… some girl.

40 – Flat Hunting (part 2)

The Mansions were tucked under one of the fine hairs on the girl’s cheek. They started pushing into the hair, moving cells aside, hollowing out the middle, forming holes spiralling up its length like windows in a tower.  While they worked, they listened to the girl and the woman. The pair had been walking forContinue reading “40 – Flat Hunting (part 2)”

37 – Bad Influence (part 7)

The light from the hallway cast a bar that fell on Mandy in the chair beside Anna’s bed. Anna had fallen asleep, a strawberry bootlace hung, halfway eaten, from her mouth. She snored like a bison. On the cushioned stool in front of the dresser Mr Vance slumped, his chin on his chest, drool cobwebbed his beard.

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