40 – Flat Hunting (part 2)

The Mansions were tucked under one of the fine hairs on the girl’s cheek. They started pushing into the hair, moving cells aside, hollowing out the middle, forming holes spiralling up its length like windows in a tower.  While they worked, they listened to the girl and the woman. The pair had been walking forContinue reading “40 – Flat Hunting (part 2)”

39 – Flat Hunting

Briefly, in the late 1800s, Bay View Mansions were the most celebrated real estate in the silver and arsenic mining town of Pontyray. If tourists of that era thought naming somewhere in a landlocked valleys town “Bay View” was a bit cheeky they were either too Victorian to mention it or had been there whenContinue reading “39 – Flat Hunting”

38 – Bad Influence (part 8)

“Hello, Shoo,” Daisy smiled at the girl. “Who are you?” the girl said, suspiciously. “How do you know my name?” “You smell like a Shoo,” Daisy said. “Smell?” the girl sniffed herself and grimaced. “Woof! You’re right! I don’t normally smell like this bad, I swear. Five minutes ago, I was being chased by aContinue reading “38 – Bad Influence (part 8)”

Cliffhanger Problems

I’d just come back from an interview and was sitting in my garden, picking apart my performance in my head (was the dominance-fart a good idea? Were 3 columbo impressions too many? should I have cried a bit longer?) when I heard a buzzing, as of something loudly buzzing, buzzing near my garden floor.

37 – Bad Influence (part 7)

The light from the hallway cast a bar that fell on Mandy in the chair beside Anna’s bed. Anna had fallen asleep, a strawberry bootlace hung, halfway eaten, from her mouth. She snored like a bison. On the cushioned stool in front of the dresser Mr Vance slumped, his chin on his chest, drool cobwebbed his beard.

34 – Bad Influence (part 4)

In the surgery car park, a cute cream scooter was parked next to Mandy’s purple Toyota. Leaning against it was a diminutive young woman in a bright yellow raincoat, swiping through something on her phone. She had short, messy red hair and a perky demeanour, as if she were on a lunchbreak from being aContinue reading “34 – Bad Influence (part 4)”

32 – Bad Influence (part 2)

Thursday “Alexa, music, shuffle.” “Here’s a station you might like: Classical – for Cooking with Love.” Danse Macabre was the first song to play, its initial few scrapes of violin set Mandy’s teeth pleasurably on edge. The song fit with her mood this morning; last night had been a strange one. In the early hours,Continue reading “32 – Bad Influence (part 2)”

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