55– Flat Hunting (part 17)

On closer inspection, Flat found its people weren’t actually vanishing. Their bodies were still there, they were just… empty. Curious, Flat compared a still-lively specimen with one of the emptied ones. There was a faint energy present, an energy which Flat had previously noticed but always dismissed as a pointless by-product of life. It wasContinue reading “55– Flat Hunting (part 17)”

54– Flat Hunting (part 16)

Flat’s people had flourished. Away from the angry psychic glare of the Pob and free of its hybrid monster trying to eradicate them, Flat had silently encouraged its people to populate the grasses of the meadow. Now, their civilisation stretched for dozens of feet and was still growing. Frontier folk had even ventured as farContinue reading “54– Flat Hunting (part 16)”

53– Flat Hunting (part 15)

Frozen above us, the bone giant looks like it could drop through the portal at any second. Daisy stands directly underneath it, looking up with her hands on her hips. “No, that won’t do,” she says and starts muttering to herself while gesturing like she’s spelling words in the air. Inch by inch, the holeContinue reading “53– Flat Hunting (part 15)”

52– Flat Hunting (part 14)

The front tire of the scooter presses against nothing as we push into the pocket in the air. I can almost see it bend under the weight of the wheel. Then we’re in, and driving through nothing. The nothing all around us has a consistency oddly denser than normal nothing. Kind of like driving throughContinue reading “52– Flat Hunting (part 14)”

51– Flat Hunting (part 13)

I just have enough time to say “Eeeep!” before the scooter’s front tyre hits the wall of the house. And enough time to fear the worst. I imagine being catapulted forwards, my face squishing up against the stone, and then keep squishing until it splits like a ripe fruit. I imagine some bone-crunching sound-effects too.Continue reading “51– Flat Hunting (part 13)”

50– Flat Hunting (part 12)

I’m on the back of a scooter. I’ve never been on the back of a scooter before, or the front of one or, truth be told, on many vehicles. They scare me a bit. I did have a go on a hoverstick back in Footfall. It wasn’t a proper one though. Mondey and me knewContinue reading “50– Flat Hunting (part 12)”

49– Flat Hunting (part 11)

About half a lifetime ago, a large, eight limbed, semi-aquatic friend of mine taught me a word. He described it as a “spoiled word”, whatever that means, and it was supposed to be my last line of defence. It was supposed to wither whatever it was uttered at. Unfortunately, I am terrible at it. ItContinue reading “49– Flat Hunting (part 11)”

48– Flat Hunting (part 10)

For multiple generations now, Flat’s people had been sending astronauts into ‘space.’ It was ever so proud of them. The brave souls venturing into the unknown out past the girl’s face would almost certainly never be seen again. At about a centimetre away from the warmth of her flesh, the time-dilation effects that Flat wasContinue reading “48– Flat Hunting (part 10)”

47– Flat Hunting (part 9)

This orange light sits heavy on the streets, it’s like everything is buried in amber. I prefer normal, old-fashioned purple argon streetlights like we have back in Footfall. Gosh, I miss them. I never imagined I’d miss those streets, but I’d take them over these ones in a heartbeat. If this were Footfall I wouldContinue reading “47– Flat Hunting (part 9)”

46– Flat Hunting (part 8)

Why am I running again? I tell you, my brain, my brain… my brain… something or other. I dunno, every now and again it just presses its own reset button. Stupid, Lethe-washed jelly. Right, focus, come on, Daisy-gal. Why am I running? I don’t seem to be chasing any dickheads, my normal motivation for thisContinue reading “46– Flat Hunting (part 8)”

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