51– Flat Hunting (part 13)

I just have enough time to say “Eeeep!” before the scooter’s front tyre hits the wall of the house. And enough time to fear the worst. I imagine being catapulted forwards, my face squishing up against the stone, and then keep squishing until it splits like a ripe fruit. I imagine some bone-crunching sound-effects too.Continue reading “51– Flat Hunting (part 13)”

50– Flat Hunting (part 12)

I’m on the back of a scooter. I’ve never been on the back of a scooter before, or the front of one or, truth be told, on many vehicles. They scare me a bit. I did have a go on a hoverstick back in Footfall. It wasn’t a proper one though. Mondey and me knewContinue reading “50– Flat Hunting (part 12)”

49– Flat Hunting (part 11)

About half a lifetime ago, a large, eight limbed, semi-aquatic friend of mine taught me a word. He described it as a “spoiled word”, whatever that means, and it was supposed to be my last line of defence. It was supposed to wither whatever it was uttered at. Unfortunately, I am terrible at it. ItContinue reading “49– Flat Hunting (part 11)”

The Realms

I’ve been drawing again. Sorry. There’ll be a new Shoo installment soon. I’m playing around with the idea of an occasional webcomic (called The Realms) set in the various realms from the world of Running Shoo. Still got a heck of a lot to learn, but when I look at the first issue of webContinue reading “The Realms”

Adventures in illustrating: the stroke/undo ratio

I couldn’t do the drawings I’ve done on paper. I get so many things wrong. I watch videos of talented people drawing or painting and it’s with a quiet kind of awe that I see them make the perfect single stroke that forms the curve of a cheek or a shadow that adds definition to a landscape

48– Flat Hunting (part 10)

For multiple generations now, Flat’s people had been sending astronauts into ‘space.’ It was ever so proud of them. The brave souls venturing into the unknown out past the girl’s face would almost certainly never be seen again. At about a centimetre away from the warmth of her flesh, the time-dilation effects that Flat wasContinue reading “48– Flat Hunting (part 10)”

Having a crack at illustrating

No Shoo installment this week, with apologies to my legion of, um, fan. I’ve finally got a job again, albeit a temporary one, which takes up an annoying amount of time and energy. I’d forgotten. As a consequence, instead of writing about Shoo, I’ve been bloody working. Having to pay bills is harsh, cruel andContinue reading “Having a crack at illustrating”

47– Flat Hunting (part 9)

This orange light sits heavy on the streets, it’s like everything is buried in amber. I prefer normal, old-fashioned purple argon streetlights like we have back in Footfall. Gosh, I miss them. I never imagined I’d miss those streets, but I’d take them over these ones in a heartbeat. If this were Footfall I wouldContinue reading “47– Flat Hunting (part 9)”

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