37 – Bad Influence (part 7)

The light from the hallway cast a bar that fell on Mandy in the chair beside Anna’s bed. Anna had fallen asleep, a strawberry bootlace hung, halfway eaten, from her mouth. She snored like a bison. On the cushioned stool in front of the dresser Mr Vance slumped, his chin on his chest, drool cobwebbed his beard.

34 – Bad Influence (part 4)

In the surgery car park, a cute cream scooter was parked next to Mandy’s purple Toyota. Leaning against it was a diminutive young woman in a bright yellow raincoat, swiping through something on her phone. She had short, messy red hair and a perky demeanour, as if she were on a lunchbreak from being aContinue reading “34 – Bad Influence (part 4)”

32 – Bad Influence (part 2)

Thursday “Alexa, music, shuffle.” “Here’s a station you might like: Classical – for Cooking with Love.” Danse Macabre was the first song to play, its initial few scrapes of violin set Mandy’s teeth pleasurably on edge. The song fit with her mood this morning; last night had been a strange one. In the early hours,Continue reading “32 – Bad Influence (part 2)”

31 – Bad Influence (part 1)

Tuesday Mandy padded into the kitchen in her embarrassing pink dressing gown, scratching at her mop of red hair with one hand and under her left buttock with the other. “Alexa, music, shuffle,” she said in a voice so slurred from sleep that she thought the pringles tube of noise on top of the plateContinue reading “31 – Bad Influence (part 1)”

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