Running Shoo – Episode 69

I’m plummeting towards the ground. It’s already getting boring. The rocks rush up to meet me. I don’t even close my eyes anymore. I pass through the ground and… I’m plummeting towards the ground. The spider has settled on my forearm. “So, um… hi,” I say to the spider. “Do you know what’s going on?”Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 69”

Running Shoo – Episode 68

My slide down the cliff picks up speed. Desperately, I scrabble at the surface, but only bloody my fingers. “Oh, come on!” I shout at the stone and the universe in general. “Give me a break!” In response, my panicked movements team up with gravity to peel me away from the cliff and drop meContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 68”

Running Shoo – Episode 67

I used to climb in Footfall. Back then, a common feature of our escape strategy was scrambling up where they couldn’t get us, so I wasn’t terrible at it. I don’t know how much time has passed since (a year? Two? Gods, more?) but my climbing skills, it seems, have gone right out the window.Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 67”

Running Shoo – Episode 66

This time when I open my eyes, there’s light. There’s also settling dust and pain, an increasing amount of pain. “Ow,” I say. I’m on my back, in a cavern lit golden by a bar of light streaming in through an opening high up on one wall. It lands directly on me. I’m lying onContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 66”

Running Shoo – Episode 65

After I pulled myself together, I must have fallen asleep because I wake up. It’s still black. I close my eyes and open them a few times, just to make sure they’re open, thinking I’ve gone blind before I remember where I am. It’s rare to find yourself in complete darkness. Usually, your eyes adjustContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 65”

Running Shoo – Episode 64

As the orange blur of Daisy’s magic fades from my vision, I tense myself and get ready to run. I know how this works by now. I could reappear anywhere. Bit by bit, the blur dissolves until eventually I can make out what’s behind it. Which is… absolutely nothing. My heart beats faster. I wouldn’tContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 64”

63– Flat Hunting (part 25)

The portal gloops and wobbles as we walk towards it. I feel good. Not about my murderous face-mites, obviously, but we did the right thing by coming here to save them. Plus, my words have influenced them before, when I wasn’t even trying, so you never know, maybe they’ll be less evil in a generationContinue reading “63– Flat Hunting (part 25)”

62– Flat Hunting (part 24)

In the gleaming surface of one of the blue crystal staffs protruding from the ground, Daisy’s stolen reflection warps, then swirls. I can’t tell if it’s magic or science, maybe a bit of both, maybe something else. Her face bulges, turns inside out, merges with the yellow of her anorak and whirls into a colourfulContinue reading “62– Flat Hunting (part 24)”

61– Flat Hunting (part 23)

Flat felt it had got the hang of shepherding its people. As a pleasant surprise, it largely involved doing… nothing. Countless generations of Flat’s meddling had led to wars, genocides, dystopias, cults, plagues of ascension, more wars and one small enclave that did some highly questionable things with body modification. It was only after FlatContinue reading “61– Flat Hunting (part 23)”

60– Flat Hunting (part 22)

I’m no expert on portals. Back in Footfall, they were considered by the posh people to be an obnoxious and common way to get about. I’m not sure exactly what was obnoxious or common about them but in my experience posh people can always find something to be snobby about and, as a common personContinue reading “60– Flat Hunting (part 22)”

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