Running Shoo – Episode 100!

I’m a girl made for running but I’ll admit it’s hard with a full pack and weapons. I’m still not used to weapons. They’re tools for standing and fighting, slowly advancing, marching maybe, not sprinting down a slope towards a community of really rather nice doomsday cultists, but I manage it. I’m motivated and, anyway,Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 100!”

Running Shoo – Episode 99

I’m a big enough girl that I can admit when I’m wrong. We’ve been here over a week now and the most suspicious thing they’ve done is over-feed us.  I’m not an idiot either. I am aware of the classic red flag that is strangers taking kids in and feeding them up. I’ve been payingContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 99”

Running Shoo – Episode 98

There are people who say you shouldn’t take a crossbow to a house viewing. Okay, they probably don’t say it regularly but if it came up in conversation, they’d most probably come down on that side of the fence. And I suppose, in their defence, when the most fearsome thing you’re likely to encounter isContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 98”

Running Shoo – episode 97

Nom sees me approach and her face lights up. “Shoo! Shoo! I’ve found us somewhere to live!” she says excitedly. “I’m so clever! This lady asked if we needed somewhere, and then I said yes. I might be as clever as you.” The woman turns. She’s as tall as I am, which for these peopleContinue reading “Running Shoo – episode 97”

Running Shoo – Episode 96

Around late morning, we return to the boarding house, all shopped out. The landlady is still not at the front desk, though her spectral floating eye is there. I spot it ogling at us from a corner of the ceiling. Creepy thing. “Um… hi, we’re just going to our room,” I tell it, though godsContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 96”

Running Shoo – Episode 95

Gold-Under-Shadow is so calm and peaceful. It doesn’t seem like the kind of place where anything bad could happen. I’ve even left my spear and crossbow in our room, though I still have the sword. Because I’m not an idiot. The first thing we do is head back to the big circular eatery, as I’mContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 95”

Running Shoo – Episode 94

Ah! A bed! How I’ve missed you! The last one I slept in was in Daisy’s house in her pocket dimension and before that it was… it was… I can’t even remember. For however long I’ve been bounced from place to place, beds haven’t been a common factor, nor were they in abundance on theContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 94”

Running Shoo – Episode 93

Back in Footfall, there was a city guard named Gordy D’Ton who had a lazy eye. Some folks were, as some folks always are, complete dicks about it and made cruel remarks about his appearance. Gordy however developed a remarkable response. It was a huff of disbelief, followed by almost a sneer which became aContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 93”

Running Shoo – Episode 92

Another one of the large woven buildings is, I’m happy to say, an eatery. We were led here by Nom’s ever-hungry nose and are now sitting at one of many tables waiting for our food. The kitchen area is open and in the middle of the large oval space. Waiters, both the blue-skinned locals, andContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 92”

Running Shoo – Episode 91

We bid farewell to the guard who, I swear, chokes up a little as we leave. I think the fact that I find his kindness so unsettling says more about me than it does him. “He was super nice,” Nom remarks as she takes in this strange new town with wonder. “Yes, he was,” IContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 91”

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