46– Flat Hunting (part 8)

Why am I running again? I tell you, my brain, my brain… my brain… something or other. I dunno, every now and again it just presses its own reset button. Stupid, Lethe-washed jelly. Right, focus, come on, Daisy-gal. Why am I running? I don’t seem to be chasing any dickheads, my normal motivation for thisContinue reading “46– Flat Hunting (part 8)”

45– Flat Hunting (part 7)

My pretty boots fit now. That’s a positive, right? Got to focus on the positives. Always look for the positives in a situation, especially when you and a scary, semi-sane witch are about to be ripped apart by a fifteen-foot giant made of bone and nightmares in the strange cursed backstreets of a town you’veContinue reading “45– Flat Hunting (part 7)”

44– Flat Hunting (part 6)

The Mansions couldn’t clearly remember what had come before. Foggily, it felt this lapse in memory had occurred in the past too, long ago, perhaps many times, but it was struggling to think. It couldn’t even call itself The Mansions any more, not really; it was no longer grand enough. For a while it thoughtContinue reading “44– Flat Hunting (part 6)”

43– Flat Hunting (part 5)

In 1677, a hybrid demon-pwca-human child was born in Pontyray. Neither of the child’s parents were aware that they carried strange blood. They had met on the village green during a traditional burning at the stake of a visiting witch-finder and bonded immediately. By the following Spring, they were married and by the Winter theyContinue reading “43– Flat Hunting (part 5)”

42– Flat Hunting (part 4)

The Pob hadn’t needed to manifest local consciousness for years. Mostly it preferred to drift nebulously as part of the experience of its components, a tide of nature here, a paradigm there, surfing waves of zeitgeist, basking in the heartbeat of changing seasons. It liked months to sail by, not seconds. It couldn’t be botheredContinue reading “42– Flat Hunting (part 4)”

38 – Bad Influence (part 8)

“Hello, Shoo,” Daisy smiled at the girl. “Who are you?” the girl said, suspiciously. “How do you know my name?” “You smell like a Shoo,” Daisy said. “Smell?” the girl sniffed herself and grimaced. “Woof! You’re right! I don’t normally smell like this bad, I swear. Five minutes ago, I was being chased by aContinue reading “38 – Bad Influence (part 8)”

37 – Bad Influence (part 7)

The light from the hallway cast a bar that fell on Mandy in the chair beside Anna’s bed. Anna had fallen asleep, a strawberry bootlace hung, halfway eaten, from her mouth. She snored like a bison. On the cushioned stool in front of the dresser Mr Vance slumped, his chin on his chest, drool cobwebbed his beard.

32 – Bad Influence (part 2)

Thursday “Alexa, music, shuffle.” “Here’s a station you might like: Classical – for Cooking with Love.” Danse Macabre was the first song to play, its initial few scrapes of violin set Mandy’s teeth pleasurably on edge. The song fit with her mood this morning; last night had been a strange one. In the early hours,Continue reading “32 – Bad Influence (part 2)”

31 – Bad Influence (part 1)

Tuesday Mandy padded into the kitchen in her embarrassing pink dressing gown, scratching at her mop of red hair with one hand and under her left buttock with the other. “Alexa, music, shuffle,” she said in a voice so slurred from sleep that she thought the pringles tube of noise on top of the plateContinue reading “31 – Bad Influence (part 1)”

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