Running Shoo – Episode 80

Nom manages a good throw, fair dues. I’m no expert on spear-lobbing but her form seems solid, she puts her body behind it and really gives it some oompf. She’s like a little, I dunno… wormy Crowl battle-princess. The spear goes high and there’s a collective intake of breath as everyone watches its progress. Alas,Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 80”

Running Shoo – Episode 79

I duck under the lintel of the shop and step outside. Beside me, I hear a little “hup!” as Nom hops over the raised threshold. As I straighten up, I see a small group of unhappy blue locals, about four or five, though others are slowing to see what’s going on. Uh-oh. We have aContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 79”

Running Shoo- Episode 78

I’ve been rich for about five minutes and I’m already paranoid. As we head up the hill, all the blue-skinned, poshly dressed people of Ash End are still staring and glaring much as they were five minutes ago, but suddenly it seems much more predatory. We’ve stopped eating from our sacks of food, it seemedContinue reading “Running Shoo- Episode 78”

Running Shoo – Episode 77

Another reason I’m glad I’ve got the shovel is that people keep staring. Some are glaring. Poor Nom is trying to walk while hiding behind my legs. I’ve kicked her more than once. The ‘City’ of Ash End is a one-road affair. Calling it a city is like calling me a giant; all the bitsContinue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 77”

Running Shoo – Episode 76

A swirl of wind, its curves and whorls made visible by snow, passes between us. The silence stretches. I’m wondering what to say. I mean, how do you explain to a child why you shouldn’t just knock someone out and take their stuff? And how the heck did I end up having to do this?Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 76”

Running Shoo – Episode 69

I’m plummeting towards the ground. It’s already getting boring. The rocks rush up to meet me. I don’t even close my eyes anymore. I pass through the ground and… I’m plummeting towards the ground. The spider has settled on my forearm. “So, um… hi,” I say to the spider. “Do you know what’s going on?”Continue reading “Running Shoo – Episode 69”

54– Flat Hunting (part 16)

Flat’s people had flourished. Away from the angry psychic glare of the Pob and free of its hybrid monster trying to eradicate them, Flat had silently encouraged its people to populate the grasses of the meadow. Now, their civilisation stretched for dozens of feet and was still growing. Frontier folk had even ventured as farContinue reading “54– Flat Hunting (part 16)”

50– Flat Hunting (part 12)

I’m on the back of a scooter. I’ve never been on the back of a scooter before, or the front of one or, truth be told, on many vehicles. They scare me a bit. I did have a go on a hoverstick back in Footfall. It wasn’t a proper one though. Mondey and me knewContinue reading “50– Flat Hunting (part 12)”

49– Flat Hunting (part 11)

About half a lifetime ago, a large, eight limbed, semi-aquatic friend of mine taught me a word. He described it as a “spoiled word”, whatever that means, and it was supposed to be my last line of defence. It was supposed to wither whatever it was uttered at. Unfortunately, I am terrible at it. ItContinue reading “49– Flat Hunting (part 11)”

47– Flat Hunting (part 9)

This orange light sits heavy on the streets, it’s like everything is buried in amber. I prefer normal, old-fashioned purple argon streetlights like we have back in Footfall. Gosh, I miss them. I never imagined I’d miss those streets, but I’d take them over these ones in a heartbeat. If this were Footfall I wouldContinue reading “47– Flat Hunting (part 9)”

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