music for writing about music for writing.

Modern music.

The clock ticks. The screen is blank. Your clothes itch. Chores suddenly become urgent. Wait a minute, you don’t have a clock. What’s ticking!?


You take a chair, hurl it through a window, grab your family, heroically dive to freedom and shelter them with your body while you wait for the blast.

Nothing explodes. Odd.

Wait a minute, you don’t have a family. Whose house were you in? Who’s crying? Are those sirens in the distance?

These and other common distractions can take you away from the writing moment. Luckily, biologists invented music for this very reason. However it took the mind of Beethoven to realise the best music for writing, to provide focus without distraction, was music without lyrics. Genius. He figured that since he was deaf, he couldn’t hear the lyrics anyway.

Like Beethoven, I find the Internet to be an invaluable source for tunes. Here are a few of my favourite backing tracks to a good writing splurge.

Low Fi Hip Hop radio – modern, mildly energising, combine this with a cup of tea and you’ll be so focused you’ll have to be pried away from your computer with a crowbar.

Movie soundtracks – epic music for epic writing. Beware when the Sunshine theme kicks in (9:36), it might be too epic. With epic consequences.

Skyrim exploration suite – Barely sound. Pure atmosphere. From a ‘computer game.’

And what is my music for writing about music for writing? This (yes, it breaks the no lyrics rule, I just love it.)

What music do you use to write to?

Thanks for reading!

The Writing Shoo.

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