Magic, monsters & running away
  • Magic, Monsters & Running Away

    28th Oct 2019 by

    Hello! Welcome to the experiment! I hope you enjoy the misadventures of the unfortunate Shoo. Feel free to ask questions, offer feedback and wotnot. If people like the story, I’ll keep it going. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Thank you! The Writing Shoo.

  • 3

    1st Dec 2019 by

    We have stolen The Thing.

    I have no idea what it is, and…

  • 2

    24th Nov 2019 by

    Usually, once we’re over the wall and into the mires, our squidgy, smelly sanctuary full of nooks and hidey-holes, we can enjoy what we’ve stolen…

  • 1

    17th Nov 2019 by

    There’s nowhere left to run.

    Me and Mondey skidded around the corner into Late Lane, expecting a getaway. Only to find our getaway had gone away. Now we’re in trouble…

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